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About Us

Nava + Me is an East London based company that provides urban dog owners with the key tools to ensure their pup has the best experiences when out and about or at home.


Inspired by the light in my life Nava, the Norfolk Terrier, I (Andraea) wanted to personally design dog and human products that can help owners and their urban pups through the varying landscapes and challenges in the city.

Living in East London, I felt many existing products were aimed at country dogs and owners and nothing suited the style and characteristics of cities. I have daily inspiration from the ever-evolving and glorious East London, whether that’s the landscape and landmarks or the people and their lives.


With a background in textile design, managing a doggy day-care and owning Nava it was about time I utilise this experience and take the leap of faith and start my own business. My mission is to change the current concept of many dog products out there and try to tackle any issue, small or large, to give owners items that have been thought through from start to finish.


These products have been designed through experience, research and care. Our love for positive vibes, positive reinforcement and positive experiences is what we want to share with you all.


Love always

Nava + Andraea


Nava and Andraea Posnett


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