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Our Nava + Me travel mat is the epitome of convenience. Effortlessly transportable, it ensures your pet always has a designated space, providing them with a sense of security and serenity.


Whether you're on a road trip, visiting friends, or exploring new destinations, this mat guarantees your pup a comforting and comfortable retreat.


Designed to harmoniously blend style and practicality, our travel mat offers unparalleled comfort for your four-legged friend.


The internal fabric uses the leading VetBed material full of incredible properties:

  • Warm and cosy for your pet, vet bedding is heat retaining so placing it on a cold floor won't affect your dog

  • Easy to wash and quick to  dry

  • Drains moisture away, so your pet is never left to sleep on a wet surface

  • Double-strength polyester, this artificial fabric inhibits bacteria so no nasty bugs grow

  • Safe fibre, non-toxic, non-allergenic and allows air permeability

  • Strong fibre, will wash time and time again without deterioration

  • Lightweight so perfect for transporting and travelling



Travel + Settle Mat

Color: Olive Green
    • Integrated snuffle mat for natural sniffing enrichment.
    • Inner VetBed material for cozy resting
    • Zipper design allows the mat to lie completely flat.
    • Top unzip feature transforms the mat into a convenient bag for item storage.
    • Two external pockets: one for a 500ml bottle and one for treats or chews.
    • Water-repellent exterior for worry-free placement on damp surfaces.
    • Short handles for quick transportation.
    • Adjustable and removable strap for added convenience.
    • D-ring for extra attachment options.
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