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Our soft dog toy is designed to elevate your pet's experience to the next level of enrichment. This intelligently crafted toy features hidden fillable treat pockets, inviting your dog to engage their cognitive abilities and embark on a rewarding mental challenge.


As your dog unravels the puzzle and retrieves the hidden treats, they indulge in a mentally stimulating experience that enhances their cognitive skills and fosters their innate behaviors.



1. Unzip the toy

2. Pull the treat pockets out

3. Fill each pocket with your dog's favourite treat - you can increase or decrease the difficulty by changing the treat size. Smaller is harder!

4. Pop the pockets back into the toy

5. Zip up

6. Let your dog enjoy!


Squares + Crosses Enrichment Toy

Color: Silver
    • Made from recycled plastic bottles
    • Enriching dog toy
    • Multi-stranded toy for plenty of fun
    • Additional straps for holding, either for you or your pup
    • Easy to wash
    • No stuffing, no mess
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