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Creating a Canine Revolution: Why I Started Nava + Me

Back in September 2022, I embarked on an exciting journey by starting my own business, Nava + Me. The decision was fuelled by my frustration with the lack of practical and stylish options available for urban dogs and their owners. Whenever I tried to find products for Nava, nothing seemed to meet all the criteria that were important to us.

As a dog owner, I wanted products that perfectly combined functionality, style, and urban appeal. However, I constantly found myself confronted with cutesy girly patterns or countryside activewear, which didn't resonate with my vision. This lack of suitable options also echoed the concerns I encountered while working at a dog daycare, where numerous dog owners shared the same frustration. I longed for brands that offered innovative, creative, and distinctive products instead of the repetitive and unoriginal offerings flooding the market.

The First Sit Down

The desire for change and a lack of authentic recommendations for dog brands eventually led me to launch Nava + Me. I envisioned a brand that would cater to urban dogs and owners, providing them with not only practical options but also a unique sense of style. I drew inspiration to start my journey from some exceptional small dog businesses that were making waves in the industry by finding their own voice and challenging conventions.

At the heart of Nava + Me lies the core values of positive reinforcement and enrichment. I strongly advocate for dog owners who are adopting these principles for a better relationship with their dogs. While some may find it odd that I treat Nava to a peanut butter and yogurt licky mat, I stand by the idea that enriching a dog's life is so important. I embrace dog owners who treat their pets as loved family members and hope for more who wish to adopt these positive habits.

My decision to venture out on my own came from the desire to share my many creative ideas for dog products with the world. I scoured London for opportunities, but it was clear that the right fit wasn't readily available. With a background in textile design, I embraced the challenge of sketching out my ideas, sourcing fabrics, contacting manufacturers, and sampling. It was at this time that I felt the most comfortable and creatively alive.

Testing my designs on Nava and friends' dogs was an enjoyable experience. While I prioritized functionality, I wasn't overly concerned if something fell off during the trial phase. At the end of the day, thankfully it wasn’t my sewing people were investing in. The feedback from our guinea pigs, combined with my passion for innovation, pushed me to create products that were practical yet stylish.

My Little Helpers

Fast forward to the present, and I am thrilled with the overwhelming success of Nava + Me. It brings tears to my eyes writing this that each product I have launched has received incredible feedback from satisfied customers. Witnessing the joy and satisfaction my creations bring to the lives of countless dogs and their owners is the most rewarding aspect of my entrepreneurial journey.

As I continue to grow and expand Nava + Me, my undeniable commitment to creativity, positive reinforcement, and enrichment remains at the core of everything we do. I am excited to contribute to the transformation of the dog industry by offering a fresh perspective that meets the needs of urban dogs and their devoted owners.

In conclusion, Nava + Me was born out of a personal desire for practical and stylish dog products that cater to the urban lifestyle. From its inception, my business has promoted creativity, positive reinforcement, and enrichment, seeking to revolutionize the industry and offer a unique experience to dogs and owners alike. With the continued support of our valued customers, Nava + Me can carry on and provide dogs and their owners with what they have always needed.


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